Finding the "Bottom Line" in Nonprofit Financials
Sean E. Malone explains why the most useful single number to convey the bottom line for performance and sustainability is Unrestricted Net Income Before Depreciation.

As if One Bottom Line Wasn’t Enough
This article by Fractured Atlas describes the concept of the Double Bottom Line and how a nonprofit organization can use it in an effective way.

Financial Management
Resources from the National Council of Nonprofits

Financial Self-Assessment Worksheet
Use this worksheet to capture a snapshot of your nonprofit’s strengths and weaknesses. The worksheet is divided into six core areas of nonprofit finance, described in detail below. Together, these areas help you balance the three critical components essential to an organization’s long-term viability: Mission, Capacity, and Money.

3 Strategies to Build Your Organization’s Financial Capacity
NPEngage provides three strategies your organization can use to build its capacity to plan for more resources to meet its mission.

Managing in the New Economic Reality
The recession has stretched many nonprofits to their limits and forced them to learn new coping strategies. Nonprofit Quarterly provides some management strategies used to address them, focusing on internal actions, external responses, cautions, and strategies.

Finding a New Tune: How Arts Organizations Balance Creativity and Operations
This article from Nonprofit Quarterly covers some observations and suggestions about balancing creativity and infrastructure in arts organizations. This can be applied to many other types of organizations as well.

Financing Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations
This Houston Chronicle article outlines some creative financial solutions that nonprofits can employ to improve their fundraising.

Ten Step Annual Budgeting Checklist
The Nonprofits Assistance Fund provides a thorough step-by-step checklist for the entire budgeting process.

12 Golden Rules of Nonprofit Finance
The Nonprofits Assistance Fund has developed a list of qualities and best practices of financially healthy nonprofit organizations. Read through and see where your organization might have room for improvement.

An Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership
There is a world of difference between financial management and financial leadership, and refocusing your approach from fiscal management to fiscal sustainability gets you there. Outlined in this expert guide by Nonprofit Quarterly are such essential steps as: transforming your annual budget analysis; deciding whether or not income diversification is the way to go; achieving a robust reserve; and equipping your board for effective financial governance.

Financial Management Self-Assessment
Nonprofit financial health is not a matter of endowment balances or grant size. Even nonprofits with large budgets must manage their resources to provide services effectively and to remain accountable to the public. Use this checklist to assess your organization's financial management practices and identify areas for improvement.

Using Loans: A Guide to Borrowing for Nonprofit Organizations
This guide is designed to help nonprofits understand loans, uses for loans, and when it makes the most sense to consider this financing option.

Selecting A Consultant

The consultants on this list were recommended and vetted by NCAR Advisory Board members.  Each was contacted and agreed to be listed.  All have participated in a webinar on the NCAR KIPI Dashboard.

Engaging a Consultant: Advantages & Challenges to Finding the Right Match, Arts Insights

Choosing a Consultant, The Community Toolbox, Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas

How to Choose and Work with a Consultant, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Working with a Consultant or Technical Assistance Provider: A Resource List, Foundation Center


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