Advocating for Arts in the Classroom
This article from EducationNext provides some great points and stories to consider when advocating for arts education.

Arts and Smarts
This article from GreaterGood magazine discusses the intellectual and emotional benefits for students when participating in the arts.

Strategies for Building Arts Support
The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies has developed a guide for “E-Advocacy”, online strategies for arts advocacy.

How Arts Education Can Help Create Better Doctors
An interesting take on the benefits of being a “Renaissance man or woman” for someone even as scientifically-minded as a physician.

National Guild for Community Arts Education
See Resources on Teaching Artistry, Collective Impact and Creative Youth Development

Aesthetic Perspectives
A new resource from Animating Democracy

Arts Education Partnership
See Resources for national and state advocacy


Selecting A Consultant

The consultants on this list were recommended and vetted by NCAR Advisory Board members.  Each was contacted and agreed to be listed.  All have participated in a webinar on the NCAR KIPI Dashboard.

Engaging a Consultant: Advantages & Challenges to Finding the Right Match, Arts Insights

Choosing a Consultant, The Community Toolbox, Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas

How to Choose and Work with a Consultant, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Working with a Consultant or Technical Assistance Provider: A Resource List, Foundation Center


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