The subscription solution: tweak, jump start, or burn to the ground?
This TRG Arts blog post examines the viability of the subscription model for orchestras.

The next arts industry buzzword should be “integrated patron loyalty”
Organizations should align all departments around the cultivation of loyal patron relationships, investing in and being accountable to fostering their patrons’ passion for the arts, in all areas of their business. The Guthrie shares their story of integrating loyalty development efforts.

Pricing Discrimination: Should Your Performing Arts Org Priced Based on Demand?
Price discrimination is a pricing strategy where identical or similar goods or services are transacted at different prices by the same provider to different consumers, segmenting your customers by their willingness to pay. Here’s 4 easy ways to get started with dynamic pricing if you aren’t doing it already.

3 Tips to Better Manage Accounting for your Ticket Sales
Accounting for many different revenue streams is no simple task. Here are a few tips to help you better manage accounting for your ticket sales, from NPEngage.

3 Easy Ways to Sell More Tickets
NPEngage provides a few quick ways to move performance tickets.

7 Ways to Kill Your Subscription Program
TRG Arts offers 7 practices to avoid when considering your subscription series, and provides best practices to employ instead.

Keep Demand Management in your Pricing Toolbox
TRG Arts has compiled an extensive list of dynamic pricing resources, including tools like webinars, blog posts, and case studies. 

Selecting A Consultant

The consultants on this list were recommended and vetted by NCAR Advisory Board members.  Each was contacted and agreed to be listed.  All have participated in a webinar on the NCAR KIPI Dashboard.

Engaging a Consultant: Advantages & Challenges to Finding the Right Match, Arts Insights

Choosing a Consultant, The Community Toolbox, Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas

How to Choose and Work with a Consultant, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Working with a Consultant or Technical Assistance Provider: A Resource List, Foundation Center


Rebecca Thomas & Associates

TRG Arts
90 S Cascade Ave, Ste 510
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Peter Linett
Slover Linett Audience
4147 N Ravenswood Ave
Chicago, IL 60613

Christoper Stager
Marketing & Audience Development
333 E 54th St, Ste 4K
New York, NY 10022

Pat Egan
Cool Spring Analytics
Bel Air, MD

Erik Gensler
Capacity Interactive
1239 Broadway, Ste 110
New York, NY 10001
646-559-1341 ext 1040

Network for Culture & Arts Policy
410 Eastern Parkway
Suite 1J
Brooklyn, NY 11225