DataArts Learning Break Webinar #5: Balance Sheet
DataArts offers this free, online, 30-minute session on understanding and using your balance sheet.

What Are Current Liabilities?
Fit Small Business shows the formula for calculating the current liabilities and discusses each of the components.

Nonprofit Budgets Have to Balance: False!
Different organizational scenarios and goals lead to different decisions about what the budget's bottom line should look like: surplus, deficit or break-even.

Emerging Financial Models
This AEA Consulting paper explores the old-fashioned philanthropic financial models of nonprofit organizations and prompts a conversation on considering innovative models based around exploitable assets.

Why Ratios aren’t the Last Word
This balance sheet based tool from Guidestar breaks down ratios for nonprofit organizations, and discusses when they are useful (and when they are not) as well as how to calculate them.

Maintaining Nonprofit Operating Reserves
The Nonprofit Operating Reserves Workgroup developed a white paper that covers what operating reserves are, what nonprofit leaders need to know about them, and some tips for establishing reserve policies.

Balance Sheet Basics: What We Have, What We Owe, What We’re Worth
Refresh your accounting knowledge and lingo and learn some nonprofit-specific tips like how to report restricted funds on your balance sheet with the 15 minute video by Nonprofits Assistance Fund.

Balance Sheet Cheat Sheet
This guide provides a useful and succinct overview of a nonprofit balance sheet to get you talking like a nonprofit accounting pro.

Managing Cash Flow
No matter how expertly you manage your budget, you can confidently project a surplus at the end of the year and still not have enough cash at some point during your fiscal year. That’s because money doesn’t always come in and go out smoothly from day to day or month to month. In order to weather the ups and downs properly it’s important to project and plan your cash flow. This resource also provides an Understanding Cash Flow video, as well as a Cash Flow Template.

Managing Restricted Funds
This resource article aims to define unrestricted, temporarily restricted, and permanently restricted income, and give nonprofit leaders the tools to record, report, and effectively manage contributed income and net assets.

Selecting A Consultant

The consultants on this list were recommended and vetted by NCAR Advisory Board members.  Each was contacted and agreed to be listed.  All have participated in a webinar on the NCAR KIPI Dashboard.

Engaging a Consultant: Advantages & Challenges to Finding the Right Match, Arts Insights

Choosing a Consultant, The Community Toolbox, Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas

How to Choose and Work with a Consultant, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Working with a Consultant or Technical Assistance Provider: A Resource List, Foundation Center


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