W.A.G.E. - Working Artists and the Greater Economy
W.A.G.E. is a New York-based activist organization focused on regulating the payment of artist fees by nonprofit art institutions and establishing a sustainable labor relation between artists and the institutions that contract our work.

Finding People to Manage Major Arts Building Projects
This detailed report from AEA Consulting goes into the considerations of a building project, such as how to build the project team, how to involve the board, causes for concern, etc.

Case for Change Capital in the Arts
This report defines and discusses the concept of “mis-capitalization” among arts organizations and offers some learned lessons and guidance for cultural organizations and their funders.

Indirect Costs
The Nonprofit Association of Oregon discusses three main topics:
            1. Starving Infrastructure: Damages, Effectiveness, and Sustainability
            2. Clearing the Cost-Allocation Fog: Defining the Terms We Use
            3. Six Ways to Fund Administrative and Overhead Costs

True Program Costs
This e-study walks through the steps of calculating true program costs with the Cedar Cultural Center, a nonprofit music and community venue in Minneapolis and illuminates the value of calculating true program costs for all nonprofits.

Selecting A Consultant

The consultants on this list were recommended and vetted by NCAR Advisory Board members.  Each was contacted and agreed to be listed.  All have participated in a webinar on the NCAR KIPI Dashboard.


Engaging a Consultant: Advantages & Challenges to Finding the Right Match, Arts Insights

Choosing a Consultant, The Community Toolbox, Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas

How to Choose and Work with a Consultant, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Working with a Consultant or Technical Assistance Provider: A Resource List, Foundation Center


Pat Egan
Cool Spring Analytics
Bel Air, MD

Network for Culture & Arts Policy
410 Eastern Parkway
Suite 1J
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Network for Culture & Arts Policy
410 Eastern Parkway
Suite 1J
Brooklyn, NY 11225