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Propensity is the likelihood that a household in a geographic area will make a purchase at your organization.

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The Predicted Sales Transactions is calculated by multiplying the propensity rate by the total number of households in the area.

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Household Characteristics
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Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander -
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Tract Venue Zip Sector Average Ticket Price Number of Events Budget Size Zip Code Total Households Propensity Rate Predicted Sales Transaction Family Non-family Median Household Income Households Over $150K Two Year Growthrate in Households Percentage in Workforce Percentage With Bachelors Percentage in Poverty Average Work Commute Time Male Female Median Age Individuals 20 and Younger Individuals Between 20 and 24 Individuals Between 25 and 34 Individuals Between 35 and 44 Individuals Between 45 and 64 Individuals 65 and Older White Black American Indig Asian Native Hawaiian Hispanic Covid Cases Vaccine Rate